The technical stuff

Hello and a warm welcome to the techy bits!

I’ve often worried about how much science to put into my science fiction writing. That’s an odd thing for me to say, right?

Well, the truth is, I find it hard to judge how much needs to be put in. I don’t want to bore people with endless descriptions of starship drives and nuclear physics, even if I am fascinated by it myself. Inevitably, I end up compromising and I leave a lot of it out.

That doesn’t mean I don’t consider it before I write: far from it. I scribble down entire process and instrumentation schematics for the engines. I work out the gravitational field strengths of my planets, their orbits around their suns. I work out geostationary orbits for spacecraft.

With the ships themselves, I make estimates of their mass, using realistically possible materials and methods of construction.

For me, this is fun, but it’s also something I have to do so that I feel comfortable about how I describe all this stuff working. I thought it was a good idea to put a lot of this stuff onto the blog. That way, if you read my books and want to know more about the science behind the fiction, you can. If you’re happy with the stories and want to leave it at that…you can do that too.

In essence, these pages are for people as geeky as I am. Yeah, that’s right: I’m a geek and proud of it!

So welcome again, all you technological sisters and brothers! Let’s boldly go where no sane mind has ever gone before.


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