The Gory Bits

Following some pretty harrowing research that I did, I decided to post a set of pages about how and why I write about the unpleasant stuff.

In general, I try to write about life but in a way that people want to read. I could write about mundane lives but who would want to read that? After all, those are just the tedious and frustrating sort of lives that the reader wants to escape from.

Inevitably, then, most books are about people in much more interesting circumstances and mine are no exception. From this it follows that on occasions I have to tackle some pretty dark subjects. If I am to do this at all, it must be written realistically. I am not a fan of dressing up the more disturbing parts of human life in casual clothes!

The next page tackles decapitation and tries to relate the facts as far as I can ascertain. I’ll add more as I can. I’d particularly want to expose the truth behind nuclear warfare, for instance.

Read on if you aren’t too squeamish.

Warning! These pages may be unsuitable for children.


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