So you want to be a writer?

You’ve probably wondered about it if you’re reading this. Am I a writer? Good question. well, I write. Prodigious reams of manuscripts clutter my house. So, I guess I am. Am I a good writer? That’s another good question and one that I can’t answer myself, only others can tell me that, but I have had some of my work critiqued on a writers’ forum. the results were promising.

Am I an author? By the old definition a writer became an author only after their first work was published. These days, I’m not so sure that this holds true. I’ve self-published a book, but anyone can do that, however good or bad they are. The test will be if I get good sales and that isn’t easy to achieve, either.

I’ve gone through heartache during the time that I took my own work seriously enough to publish. I thought it would be nice to tell you about the process, complete with all the frustrations and rewards that come hand in hand with putting pen to paper.

The next few pages will hopefully let you decide whether or not you want to try it yourself. I hope that you give it a go, because there is something that runs through all of us, dating back to the stone age. That thing is a desire to tell stories. Initially, we did it out of self-preservation. Where are the dangers? Where can herbs, fruit and good berries be found? Which things will make us ill, if we eat them? Which tribe wants our territory? I imagine that very quickly we discovered the pleasure of embellishing this basic information with excitement, laughter and drama. Good story tellers would be revered.

Long parts of our history have no written record, but that is not to say that we did not communicate. Bards, singers musicians and story tellers have been at the heart of all cultures for millenia. In some ways, our modern culture has lost this intimate and communal part of life, but telling a tale and knowing that others enjoy it is most rewarding. We need to do it. If we don’t we are missing out on something essentially human.


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