New book released.

I’ve been a bit busy recently.

I’ve just self-published Fire Triangle, the first in a trilogy. It’s sci-fi again but with a twist of course. The book opens with a scene from fourteenth century Eastern Europe and features an encounter between twelve disheveled and despairing Templar knights after the collapse of the fourth and final crusade.

Should the presence of dragons not place the book into the realms of science fantasy? No. As you will see if you read it, my dragons are nothing more than an alien species. Their complex involvement with humanity is explained as the trilogy unfolds.

Since I’ve not managed to publicise Summoning Empire at all well and sales have been pitiful, despite the excellent reviews from those who did buy it I have decided on a new strategy. While I hate money, like everybody else, I’m trapped in the system. I have to try to earn at least enough money for myself and my daughter to survive on.

I’ve made the two books about as cheap as Amazon permits and enrolled Fire Triangle into Amazon’s select scheme where it can be lent from their library and I can offer it at a reduced rate (even free) for a time for readers to purchase. my hope is that this will ultimately boost sales, give me a minimum wage and still allow the book to sell at a price that is affordable to most people.

We’ll have to wait and see. Now if I can get my head around it, I’ll try and get it on offer for a time…must dash and get busy!

If you celebrate Christmas, I wish you a happy one. If you don’t, I still wish you everything that you hope for!

Cheers, Marcus Canon.

P.S. I nearly forgot: no wonder I’m useless at marketing. Here’s a pair of links to my books. I hope they work.


About marcuscanon

I'm a bit eccentric, but honest and open. I live in a beautiful part of the world with my daughter, cat, guineapigs and a motorbike called Bella. I'm a mechanical engineer by profession, but now write books, sci-fi with my own personal (slightly deranged) twist. My passions are endless, like my curiosity. I love music, art, people, nature, get the picture. I detest intolerance.
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