New! Home-made Science Fiction art

I have published a set of pages that I’ve added to let the world see what I produce for my covers: heaven help me! Most of this is unseen and relates to my forthcoming trilogy…I guess that makes it an exclusive to WordPress fans.

Please take a look at the section entitled ‘My art…for want of a better term’

Yes, I know that I suffer from depression quite badly: indeed, I’m medicated to the eyeballs in some desperate attempt made by my doctor to keep me within the region that is classified as normal, or even sane. This leaves me extremely anxious and almost paranoid a lot of the time and as a result, I seriously under-estimate my own ability.

I can therefore honestly say that I have very little idea as to how good my covers are. Take a peek at my work and let me know what you think. If you like it and want to know how an insecure person with only a few ideas in his head can produce such things for next to nothing, I’ll be happy to let you know. As far as I can see, you just need a touch of imagination and a bit of determination (which I struggle with). If I can do it, you can too!

The gallery is now open!

Here’s a preview…this is the starting point of a couple of covers. The finished article can be seen by accessing the pages.

Biform Celtic


About marcuscanon

I'm a bit eccentric, but honest and open. I live in a beautiful part of the world with my daughter, cat, guineapigs and a motorbike called Bella. I'm a mechanical engineer by profession, but now write books, sci-fi with my own personal (slightly deranged) twist. My passions are endless, like my curiosity. I love music, art, people, nature, get the picture. I detest intolerance.
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