Following my recent posts where I got a bit hot under the collar about ecological issues, I wondered again about classing myself as an Eco warrior. It does not seem right for me to claim such a title, in one sense. I have not taken part in protests, so I am hardly a warrior.

This got me wondering about how I should label myself. I started by merging words, hence the title. I am passionate about science, science-fiction and ecology. I would like to think that I am following a responsible path with regard to the environment. Putting these together, I came up with ‘sci-co-path’. This seemed to be wrong somehow, though it combined all the elements perfectly.

I could hardly describe myself as an activist, either. Some days I am so inactive that time lapse photography would be hard pressed to detect signs of life in me.  I ruled out words involving any sense of urgency.

When I think about it, it is much more the case that I love nature and want to live in harmony with it to the best of my ability. People who hate war and love peace are pacifists, so the best way to describe me would be as a naturist? No, that’s no good, even if I would love to go around nude at times. Even being regarded as a nature lover has all sorts of sexual connotations that I’d rather not think about, most of them illegal.

I guess I’ll just have to do without a label, which is a good thing because I don’t see why everybody has to be shoe-horned into one category or another.



About marcuscanon

I'm a bit eccentric, but honest and open. I live in a beautiful part of the world with my daughter, cat, guineapigs and a motorbike called Bella. I'm a mechanical engineer by profession, but now write books, sci-fi with my own personal (slightly deranged) twist. My passions are endless, like my curiosity. I love music, art, people, nature, get the picture. I detest intolerance.
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