Phoenix Rising

…well, not quite but it feels like it. Since the post in April my broadband nightmare continued for quite some time. Talk talk, my internet provider at the time were finally persuaded that there was a problem and sent someone to check the internal wiring, despite the fact that I told them the problem only occurred when it was wet and/or windy outside. Their own sub-contractor then had a hell of a job to convince Talk talk that there was a fault on the outside line (something I’d been telling them for ages). At last, after a farcical performance over arranging for a BT engineer to call and sort the line, it was done…hurray!

It just couldn’t be that easy, could it? No. The BT engineer replaced only the first half of the line. He left the old drop line which connects from a box on the side of the house to my internal socket hanging loose against the wall. The problem came back again. it took another week or two to get that problem sorted.

By this time, I was into the school holidays and hard at work keeping my daughter entertained. I managed to forget half of my passwords, including the one for this blog. One thing led to another and before I knew it, four months had disappeared into the mists of time without posting a single thing on the site.

What have I been up to in all that time, apart from tearing my dreadlocks out in frustration? Well, I haven’t been entirely idle. I’ve been working on the first story I ever wrote. the manuscript was festering away along with a number of others, in the bottom of a cabinet. It was originally entitled Biform Solution and was close to 700 pages long. After adding another couple of chapters to explain part of the plot that was unclear, editing the rest for similar reasons and generally playing around with it, it had grown to well over 700 pages.

I thought that this was getting to be too much of an epic. It will be split into two and with the addition of Dreamscape, a stand alone novel that did follow on from the events of Biform, I have a trilogy impending. It will be called the ‘Biform Solution’ trilogy and will begin with ‘Fire Triangle’, followed by ‘War And Wisdom’ and concluding with Dreamscape.

I then had the job of producing three covers, since I can’t afford to pay an artist to do them for me. Making reasonable covers with limited artistic talent and a bit of free photo editing software is no mean feat. It inevitably involves a lot of time and effort, all interspersed with plenty of cursing, foul moods and a touch of despair. All in all, I think the end results were worth the heartache. I will make a section for art and throw them on there. You can make up your own minds about them.

When will I publish the new trilogy, I hear you asking in your millions? Alright, I may have exaggerated the level of interest a touch, but I’ll tell you the plan, anyway. The hope is to have the first book ready by November and the second book will follow on early in the new year. Dreamscape will take quite a bit longer because it is not even typed up yet.

Sorry for not posting anything for such a long time. I must try harder!



About marcuscanon

I'm a bit eccentric, but honest and open. I live in a beautiful part of the world with my daughter, cat, guineapigs and a motorbike called Bella. I'm a mechanical engineer by profession, but now write books, sci-fi with my own personal (slightly deranged) twist. My passions are endless, like my curiosity. I love music, art, people, nature, get the picture. I detest intolerance.
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