Write a Book, for goodness’ Sake!

I’ve struggled with writing blogs, because it doesn’t come naturally to me. Anyone who’s read my posts might see this.

I am torn between railing against the inhumanity of humanity and wanting to offer comfort to those in desperate need. Seldom do I find time to promote my writing, which was supposed to be the whole point of the blog in the first place. Never mind that! I hate money anyway, so I quite like the fact that I’m poor by Western standards. Please don’t buy my book! Then I can gain more inspiration to write more!

Why do I say this and what is the reason for the title? Simple. Writing is a way to let yourself into a world that you create. Much more that reading, writing a novel is therapeutic. You create your own characters. they can be people who you’d like to meet. or those you wish were drowned at birth! You can vent your frustrations about the world, rejoice in its splendour, or take a melancholy road into your past. In short, you can do what you like.

In this world which is so stricken by grief, disaster and bureaucracy, why wouldn’t you want to imagine a different one? Why would you not wish to tell humanity the right way to go, or to hint at what we’re doing wrong? You may¬†know the true meaning of love and be frustrated that others can’t see your vision.

I was despondent for a time, because my book was not selling on Amazon. It was not really my fault that sales were low, but I convinced myself that I was guilty. Today, someone told me how they had bought it and liked it, even though they don’t normally read sci-fi. This was a big boost to my pitifully low self-esteem tank. I realised that I could reach one person and show them my thoughts. I could possibly make a difference in the world, however small that change may be. That one person re-invigorated me.

So I say, write a book yourself! Read mine by all means, but also have a go at writing yourself. It’s hard work, but immensely satisfying. To help you, I’ve started writing a set of pages that will help you to get started. Click on the page ‘So you want to be an author’, then follow the writing skills guide. I’m not finished with it yet, but there’s enough there to get you started. The guide is based on my own hard-earned experience and opinions from other writers, both of poetry and prose. I would welcome questions on anything I’ve written.

Well… what are you waiting for you lazy louts? Get scribbling!*

Yours Faithfully, (too formal an expression, I know, but it basically means that I love you all),

Marcus Canon.

*Typing, dictating or scribbling, take your pick. Bloody hell, I get so confused with all of the technology available…and I write sci-fi! Shame on me.


About marcuscanon

I'm a bit eccentric, but honest and open. I live in a beautiful part of the world with my daughter, cat, guineapigs and a motorbike called Bella. I'm a mechanical engineer by profession, but now write books, sci-fi with my own personal (slightly deranged) twist. My passions are endless, like my curiosity. I love music, art, people, nature, pebbles...you get the picture. I detest intolerance.
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